Fun maternity photoshoot ideas that you can do at home

Pregnancy is one of those life experiences that is different every time you go through it. For many moms, it is a thrilling period of their lives full of surprises, expanding bellies, and memorable moments. That’s why whether it’s your first or your fourth, it is always a good idea to document your pregnancy in some way. Maternity photoshoots are the perfect way to do exactly this.

Where do you start, though? Well, when it comes to maternity photoshoots, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here is a compilation of some of the most fun maternity photo-shoot ideas that you can do at home.

📌1. Photos in the nursery

The nursery is a simple, beautiful, and moving setting for your maternity shoot. Play around with the lighting to create unique effects that will make every picture stand out!

📌2. By the window

Get cozy by the window to take some stunning photos. All you have to do is find a window with some light curtains, then sit by it when there’s lots of natural light coming through it. 

📌3. A shot on the couch

If you want a simple photo either alone or with your partner, the couch is the perfect location for it. Wear something that’ll show off your bump and play around with the lights to create the atmosphere you want.

📌4. Relaxing on the floor

For this pose, all you have to do is lay down on the floor with your legs up against the wall. Wear something that shows off your belly. You can delicately hold your belly as you stare at the roof. This makes for a simple yet beautiful photo. 

📌5. Use your bedroom

Your bed is yet another great location for your maternity shoot in your home. Pretend to get out of bed, or lay on it and pose. Wear something that shows off your belly, or just hold it and show it off to the camera with a smile. 

📌6. Something with your older kids

If you have older kids, why not make them feel included in your maternity shoot? After all, they are also probably super excited to meet their new sibling! A maternity shoot with your older kids is also a great way to get that family photo that will always remind you about how things were before your little one was added to the mix!

📌7. Reading baby’s books

Yet another great photoshoot idea is grabbing one of your little one’s books or even a parenting guide book and sitting in their rocking chair as you read it. You can also sit down with your partner for a more intimate picture. 

📌8. Black and white photos indoors

Do you have lots of open space in your home? Black and white photos would work well, especially if there is a large window or door. Simply dress in all white and hold your belly. The light that will wash over you will create the perfect atmosphere for some stunning pictures.

📌9. Maternity goddess

Become a real-life goddess by posing in front of a large source of natural light, like a window or door. Make sure there are lots of light, flowy curtains behind you for an otherworldly effect. Wear something flowy to add a touch of theatre to the photo.

📌10. Lovely laces

This is another simple yet highly effective maternity shoot idea. Lace is great for giving a peek at your belly. Wear something lacy then pose in it with a smile. Play around with colors: your clothes, hair, and your surroundings should be in harmony. 

📌11. All covered up

Get a patterned dress that covers you from the neck down. Strike a simple Kim Kardashian pose while holding your tummy. You can even create interesting silhouettes by bending one knee.

📌12. Get creative

Try out different poses. Have fun and play around with various rooms around the house or even locations in your backyard. You can also use props and furniture to make things even more interesting. Maternity photoshoots are more than just standing in front of the camera and smiling!

📌13. Fun with a letterboard

If you can get your hands on a letterboard, it is a great way to add lots of playfulness to your maternity photos. Letterboards are also great for social media! All you have to do is come up with a cute or funny message to share with the world!

📌14. Show off your silhouette

Take a few pictures while standing in profile to show off that amazing silhouette. This is a great way to celebrate your pregnant body. You can also take the photos in black and white for that extra oomph.

📌15. Take lots of candids

Not all maternity photos need to be posed for! Candid photos are a great way to capture those in-between moments, the ones that count. So take lots of them as you lounge on the couch or enjoy a laugh with your partner. 

📌16. Go nude

The nude body can be photographed in lots of tasteful ways. Touch it up with lots of lace and print out the photos in grayscale to give them look uber artistic.

📌17. Pose with your baby gear

Dig through your new baby stuff and find a few that stand out to you. Incorporate them into your maternity shoot in various creative ways. Toys, books, and clothes can speak volumes in a maternity photo!

📌18. In the tub

Get in your bathtub and take lots of gorgeous pictures as you enjoy a good soak. This is a trendy maternity photoshoot idea that will stand out on social media. Surround yourself with delicate flower petals to make it even more stunning!

📌19. Photos of your bump from different angles

Show off all the curves you’ve gained over the past few months by photographing your baby bump from different angles.

📌20. Funny photos with food

Pregnancy comes with lots of weird food cravings and hunger pangs. Why not roll with it and put some humor in it with some funny maternity photos involving all the different foods you’ve been craving? In a few years, it will be a nice reminder that you had a sweet tooth for butter cookies or you just couldn’t have enough pickles when you were pregnant!

📌21. Throw on something traditional

Your maternity shoot is the perfect opportunity to go back to your roots. Working traditional outfits into your maternity photos will also make every photo unique to your identity and a part of your heritage. So whether it's a kimono or a sari, traditional outfits in your maternity shoot are a deep nod to your cultural background. 

📌22. Fun with your favorite team

Who says maternity photos are no place for sports? If you love sports, show off your team spirit by incorporating something from your favorite team in your maternity shoot. A baby jersey or a onesie in your team’s colors would be perfect for this. 

📌23. Indulge in something you like

What’s your favorite activity? Whether you love books, comics, cooking, or long baths, all these activities can be incorporated into your maternity photos to make for some stunning pictures that are unique to you. Try to think of something that makes you happy and get pictures of you enjoying that activity.

📌24. Become a Disney character

Dress up as your favorite Disney character for that fairytale maternity photoshoot. Wouldn’t it be great to be a princess for a day? You can even stay on theme and use the same concept for your newborn photoshoot!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of options that you can look into as you plan your maternity photoshoot at home. The best thing about maternity shoots at home is that not only are they convenient, but you also don’t have to worry about traveling to other locations or what the weather will be like on your chosen day. Plus, you also get the chance to showcase all your favorite rooms in the house, especially the gorgeous nursery!


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