Nursing On The Go: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Nursing On The Go: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

The thought of nursing on the go can be intimidating for any mom, let alone a brand new one who is still learning how to breastfeed! From figuring out where you will do it, to how you will do it, it might feel easier to stay back, and within the comfort of your home.

As much as you may wish this quick fix was possible, there will be times you have no choice but to leave the house. Of course, babies cannot procrastinate their hunger in the way adults can… meaning you will have to learn how to nurse on the go.

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop to learn about everything you will need to know about nursing on the go?!

If you answered YES to that question, you are in the right place!

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to make sure that nursing on the fly is as convenient for you and your baby as possible!

We will discuss what tools you will need to have in your diaper bag (or on your body!), tips to get the job done easily, and why practice and consistency will make it all worthwhile!

SPOILER ALERT: When it comes to nursing in public, it is important that both the mom and the baby feel comfortable. We suggest investing in a high-quality, well-fitting nursing bra to get you through! Keep reading for a list of OUR favorites!

Let’s get into it!

What do I need to ensure that my attempt at nursing on the go is successful?

One of the greatest benefits of breastfeeding is how easily portable it is! When it comes down to it, nursing doesn’t require any equipment at all. That means that you don’t have to worry about packing food, forgetting pieces, not bringing enough, or cleaning.

With that being said, there are some tools available to breastfeeding mamas that can help get the job done efficiently and easily! Here is a list of our favorites:

If you are planning on being out with your baby for an extended amount of time, be prepared by wearing a top that allows the breast to be accessible for feeding.

When nursing your baby, you have two main options: pull your shirt up so that your baby nurses from beneath your bottom seam, or pull the top of your shirt down to expose the breast through the neckline.

While you don’t have to invest in a nursing top, doing so will prevent your regular shirts from being stretched out and/or ruined. Nursing tops are intended to be stretched “just so”, and some even have discreet openings in the shirt’s design to make the job even easier!

Nursing bras are an absolute must for any breastfeeding mama. They make nursing easy, accessible, and the right bra will come with all of the features to keep you looking and feeling your best.

When searching for the perfect nursing bra, consider the following:

  • Budget
  • Style and design
  • Fabric and materials used
  • Fit

As promised earlier, we want to share our 3 all-time favorite nursing bras with you. Here they are:

1.Lace Plunge Nursing Bralette

This beautiful, supportive bra is a favorite of all! The ultra-soft lace and lightly lined molded cups mean that this bra is perfect for long days out with your little one. Featuring front drop-down clips for easy breastfeeding access, you will have no problem nursing your little one any day, any time!

2.Double Strap Nursing Bralette

Who said your nursing bra can’t be supportive AND sexy? The twin-strap design features easy drop-down clips. Wireless and lightly lined, this adjustable bra is ideal for day-to-day life!

3.Full Coverage Padded Nursing Bra

This 100% cotton padded bra is wireless and lightly lined, offering all of the support you need without restricting. With adjustable straps and easy drop-down breastfeeding clips, this bra will undoubtedly become your go-to!    

📌Nursing Cover

While you are by no means obligated to use a nursing cover, some women do choose to use one as it sustains modesty and makes them feel comfortable.

Nursing covers are structured blankets that drape over the baby’s head to encourage the mom to feel comfortable nursing in public.

By having a nursing cover tucked in your diaper bag at all times, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you will feel comfortable being exposed while nursing.

HACK: Don’t have room in your diaper bag for a nursing cover? Use a Large Muslin Swaddle instead! It can double as a blanket and as a nursing cover by tying two ends together, and hanging it around your neck. The excess fabric will be enough to keep yourself covered and your baby comfortable!

📌Water Bottle

There are few worse feelings than trying to nurse your baby while feeling thirsty.

Keep yourself hydrated at all times! That means packing a water bottle, and bringing it around with you wherever you go.

📌Miniature Fan 

Depending on your environment, the close snuggles that go hand-in-hand with nursing can leave you feeling sweaty and overheated!

To prevent this feeling from ruining a fun day out, keep a miniature fan on hand to cool you down whenever you feel like you need it most. 

📌Nursing Pillow

While it may not be the most comfortable tool to tote around, utilizing a nursing pillow is a really helpful way for moms to ensure they can nurse comfortably.

If bringing a nursing pillow is what you need to do to ensure your baby maintains nourishment, more power to you!

The more practice you get at nursing in public, the easier it will become to nurse discreetly, even without the use of these tools! You will find that the more practice you have nursing, the less external support you will require.

Nursing Discreetly

Is it a must? Not really! Breastfeeding is a natural, normal part of life and it should never be shunned or shamed. If you feel comfortable nursing freely (without a cover), that is truly wonderful!

With that being said, it is important to recognize that many women simply do not feel comfortable nursing without any form of coverage. That is fine as well! The way that you decide to nurse should be comfortable and empowering for you.

At the end of the day, being prepared is the most important thing. Here are some final tips to ensure nursing on the go is a positive experience for you and your little one:

  • As mentioned earlier, having a well-fitting nursing top and nursing bra will work wonders.
  • Practice makes perfect. Practice nursing with a cover in a mirror to see how you can improve and to ensure that you are adequately covered in all of the ways that you want to be. Also, be patient with yourself as you work towards total nursing comfort. It will take some time, but it WILL come!
  • Plan ahead for spots to nurse. Since not every location will have a comfortable room for you to nurse in, you may have to be flexible. Think bathrooms, change rooms, offices… all you have to do is ask!
  • Do NOT procrastinate feedings. Doing so will lead to engorgement, which will lead to a messy letdown when you DO decide to finally feed your baby. Not only that, but your baby will be distracted and more difficult to nurse when they are overly hungry!

Through consistency, practice, and the right set of tools, you will find yourself nursing on the go in no time!


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